Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wed, 29-2-2012: Thanjavur Power Cut Forecast

The Tamil Nadu Government cannot proceed with any reduced power cut models. They have resorted back to the earlier model of power cuts, which is now totaling 9 hours a day.
Projection for Thursday, 29-Feb-2012
The above infographic is based on the following premises of data of 4 x 45 minute and 2 x 180 minute (3hr) power cuts.

 The first changes to the pattern in taking 3 hours were witnessed on Monday. This data is based on yesterday, and early this morning or rather late yesterday night.

The total of 6 power cuts a calendar day, will probably meet all load shedding requirements as it did last week.

No From To Duration Cut
1 00:45 01:30 00:45 00:45
2 04:15 05:00 00:45 00:45
3 09:00 12:00 03:00 03:00
4 15:00 18:00 03:00 03:00
5 18:45 19:30 00:45 00:45
6 21:00 21:45 00:45 00:45

Normal 14:59 62.50%

Power Cut 09:00 37.50%

The above durations are for the 'Arulananda Nagar, Yagappa Nagar' locality only. There are certain areas where the load-shedding will be reduced to 7:30 hrs (45min x 2 + 3hr x 2) or as earlier collected in our survey, 5:30hrs.

According to Government sources, power cuts shall last for 2 hours inside Chennai and shall last for 4 hours in all districts/areas outside Chennai.

This promise of 4hr power-cut which was interpreted by some as a decrease in power-cut duration was released by the Government on 25-02-2012 on all Newspapers, state and regional dailies.