Friday, 10 February 2012

Parable of the Three Witches

A tale, from our world, bequeathed and shrouded from deluding magic, which though banned is practiced without knowledge and darkness looms over as people struggle to survive.

They say it takes three witches to form a coven; only then can more be coerced to join. Yet, three witches can bring darkness to coven, country and all;

It is not craft nor art nor wicca, but mere humanly greed, peasantly ignorance, pained dividing, darkened minds, embittered souls, joined yet shattered whose pale art impales hearts --- that all must watch out for. It is the broth that they kindle that ends up in swindle, and leaves all future dwindle.

As prophesied in ancient time. In a seat of learning, a great University, unique in its kind, where logic, art and craft where taught, great Philosophers of the past slowly disappeared. Lesser creatures and street magic abusers, rank, yet above petty thieves whose flowery craft, though mundane and low, slowly took up chairs of teaching.

Blinded by lust for power and control, the three Witches thrived on inflicting pain on the minds of all whom they met. That was food for their dark magic, with which they blinded the great King who had built this wonderful seat of knowledge.

Even, the three young Princes of the King, were not spared attack from their evil wizardry, for they sought to destroy them and take over the King's throne destroying all in their way. The King too was blinded and deluded, for to him too was a wicked advisor, crooked like worm-tongue to Theoden.

Many white Knights, who discovered their evil, lay defeated by their spells; scorned and scoffed, disgraced and imprisoned. They filled all with an illusion deceiving even the cleverest of minds, tricking the gallant to disgraceful defeat.

Yet, formed evil as they were, they could not share their power with anyone. They coerced all to join them and imprisoned them. The stronger were cursed to remain in their tether as dark Knights. The weaker were disgraced, disposed and violated. The wiser were banished, for their presence could not be risked.

The pained remained, in hopes of a White Knight who will ultimately defeat them and restore all goodness. The eldest Prince had learned of their Treachery, and secretly planned to slaughter them all anon, without alerting the Jackals and Hyenas they set around them to guard.

Not knowing that their time was short, they were blind to remorse. They believed not in the goodness of God, nor the fairness of life on earth. They witched and bitched, dark tales they pitched, foul deeds they stitched, slaves - they whipped. Warnings they did not heed, for they grew drunk in their power, casting spells hither and thither.

When the eldest Prince came, they knew not what came upon them, for he was not just a philosopher, but learned in the arts and crafts of white magic. He wielded the weapons of the gods, which he held. He bid them to plead guilty, yet he found they were cunning linguists, whose foul tongues knew no truth. Seeing how corrupted they were, he finally lay on them a volley of magic, his brothers, the Younger Princes joined, and soon all gallant Knights they had wronged came to battle against them.

At their defeat, they were shown the same mercy they shewed others; For cleansing the great seats of knowledge and restoring the  University as a place of learning was no mean feat. Yet, the eldest Prince, heir to the King, he was never swayed for he was the son of Kings. No mercy was shown after they tried to delude him, they were finally destroyed - their evil was ended - and they burnt at the stake, a stake of their own creation, for they misunderstood their own stakes which lay beyond their imagination.

Logic, art and craft was taught against once more, no longer with evil, but with love and affection by the Philosphers who returned. The Prince was crowned King, for this was but one of his duties, to set right his own houses, that his subjects may prosper.

The three witches were no more and the prophecy of the White Knight lay fulfilled. Destiny had its way, for He was to become Emperor, not just of his Kingdom, but for all Land - and this he began, seeing that dark sorcery had taken over almost all the empire lending suffering. He became the Journeyman King, who traveled to lend hope to the bereaved, lead the outcasts and give strength to the weakened.

At last, when he became Emperor he issued an edict that Three shall never hold office together, to prevent the prophecy of the Witches coven from returning to plague the seats of learning his father, the King, had created.

Thus began an another era, which though not the 'ever after' was happy as it was for all minds free, rejoice in glee at the moment's spree.