Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Finished Pencil Sketch (K A)

From Pencil Sketches (2012)

There was a preview I posted before this, but that wasn't scanned. This one is scanned, the tone is almost what you would see on the paper, though it has been touched up in pencil, finished and ready for preservation.

Do give me comments. This is supposed to be Kajal Agarwal, the actress. If you believe I need to make any corrections, I am most happy to listen to your suggestions. This work took quite some time. (For information on how it was made, and what feedback I'd like 'Read on ...')

It was completed using B, HB, HB - ultradark graphite [Steadtler] 2B, 4B pencils - though most of it is actually HB and B pencils. It turned out fairly clean without much smears. There are dark spots where the two A4 half scans were joined, I haven't removed them outright. The full sketch in A3 is gonna be framed and be part of my room decoration shortly.

I should really thank Jerry for bringing my attention to this face, which is actually not very difficult to draw - but to show without make-up and ornament, it took a bit of planning to create a situation. I found one still or picture (donno) with her wearing waterproof make-up and used that as the base idea.

If anyone can do an A3 scan straight, I'll be really happy, I'd keep it from framing if someone offers me that option.