Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thanjavur Power Cuts - 16-02-2012

(Arulananda Nagar) 16-02-2012

Here is data for "Arulananda Nagar" where the cuts exceeded the originally announced 8:00hrs by 1:30hrs.

Instead of the usual 5 power cuts, which they had tried to tone down to, we have 7 power cuts today.

This will cost industry and affect all day-to-day activities severely.

Part of this crisis is fueled by the refusal of the state government to source the necessary fuel (coal and lignite) on their part to ensure electricity generation for the fuel. Sources speculate that earlier suppliers strongly linked to the DMK party are not prepared to deal with the state government.

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The data we have is to understand how best we can take up our activities.

You can even ask someone to pen down the time when the power goes down and just send an email to "" or a 140 character tweet to "@pwrcut" - that's all we need to collect data for now. start/end, start/end, .. and area name is alone required.

e.g. "2/245,345/430,9/12,15/1745,1843/19:29,2016/2100,2145/2230 arulananda nagar 16-2" is enough for this data.

Date Day Cut Restored Duration Percent of Day Number
16-02-2012 Thu 02:00 02:45 00:45 3.13% 1
16-02-2012 Thu 03:45 04:30 00:45 3.13% 2
16-02-2012 Thu 09:00 12:00 03:00 12.51% 3
16-02-2012 Thu 15:00 17:45 02:45 11.47% 4
16-02-2012 Thu 18:43 19:29 00:46 3.20% 5
16-02-2012 Thu 20:16 21:00 00:44 3.06% 6
16-02-2012 Thu 21:45 22:30 00:45 3.13% 7

(Cut) 09:30 60.42%

(Power Up) 14:30 39.58%
(Above data is published at 23:32 and any further information has been disregarded.)

With increasing rates of crime, this trend is most unhealthy. There has been too few predictable variables.

3 hours duration cuts, 45 minutes duration cuts, 1 hour duration cuts, 30 minute duration cuts, 2 hours 45 minutes cuts are currently the tools ranked in terms of probability of usage.

Daytime Power cuts and Night time power cuts mapped

T3 is a 3 hour power-cut, T45 is a 45 minute power cut in the above infographic. More simpler graphic representations will follow and the form will become much smarter and easier to use after data for one week is collected and possibilities are spanned out. A geographic representation shall soon be formed to ensure that this is easily associated with actual regions in town.