Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Power cuts continue in Thanjavur

Sunday, 20 Feb 2012 (8hr power shutdown)
Power cuts continue in Thanjavur into another week with an attempt at normalizing the load-shedding to 8hrs per day. To report a power-cut in your area, please click this form. [surveymonkey]. If you need any assistance, please e-mail or
Authorities of TNEB are concerned that this time period will have to increase if the rate of production is not increased within the next month.

No From To Duration Cut
1 09:00 12:00 03:00 12.50%
2 15:00 18:00 03:00 12.50%
3 18:45 19:30 00:45 3.13%
4 20:15 21:00 00:45 3.13%
5 22:00 22:30 00:30 2.08%

Normal 15:59 66.67%

Pwr Cut 08:00 33.33%

Most of the public are skeptic that anything would be done in this regard and are waiting for Kudankulam Nuclear power station to get operation believing that this could rid us of some of the hassles. However, the agitation headed by one Mr.Udayakumar, a former employee of the plant and now a major activist against the plant continues impeding all attempts to initiate the reactor.

However the distinctiveness of a weekly pattern has been revealed during power-cuts on Tuesday (early midnight 00:45hrs - mirroring the same timing last week.) The existence of a pattern will, at the minimum help us easily work around this temporarily.

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