Monday, 13 February 2012

Power Cuts in Thanjavur on Monday, 13 Feb

Power Cuts specific to an area exceeding 8 hours in #Thanjavur

Here is a comprehensive graph of power cuts on Monday, the area has been highlighted.
If you live in Thanjavur, please help us map power cuts and timings by using this form: 
We will send you a weekly summary and graphical analysis. Initially, this is to help us plan our work around these power cuts. ( For the data, please read further.)

The data used for creating this report is also attached herewith, for those who are interested.

Date Day Cut Restored Duration Percent of Day Number
13-02-2012 Mon 09:00 12:00 03:00 12.51% 1
13-02-2012 Mon 14:59 18:00 03:01 12.58% 2
13-02-2012 Mon 18:47 19:29 00:42 2.92% 3
13-02-2012 Mon 20:15 21:00 00:45 3.13% 4
13-02-2012 Mon 22:15 23:04 00:49 3.41% 5

(Cut) 08:17 65.39%

(Power Up) 15:43 12.51%

I am simultaneously creating a tool to plot this data graphically across Thanjavur. This should be ready tomorrow. I am most thankful to everyone who has helped. This week, it is the weekly digest that would contain all the necessary detail. I will keep all contributors posted, and appreciate their contributions.

It has also been informed to me that these timings are not decided locally but centrally controlled from Chennai to ensure that load shedding in all of Tamil Nadu is well coordinated. The power deficit, the budget required to buy the deficit power, and loans of TNEB that have not yet been closed must be laid transparently before the people of the country.

We understand, model, and then find methods of reducing power consumption. This will work only if TNEB works with the people and not autonomously without informing the people in detail.

I am hoping that is the way it shall be shortly.