Thursday, 23 February 2012

Power Cuts in Tamil Nadu worsen...

This again is based only on data from Arulananda Nagar area. A form is available here to report the data here [Click here to take survey ] - if you have any issues using the form, please email me at betasam[at]sourcery[dot]in.

Power Cuts 23, Feb 2012, (regions in dark show cut timing for easier visual and planning)
The Minister for Power in the state of Tamil Nadu, has announced that the public has to 'put up' with 18 months of 8-10hrs load shedding per day. I wonder what he is being employed for, under-achievers should never get elected - yet the incompetent are the ones who rule us.

No information on how much power is consumed, how much power is used, how much power deficit we are incurring and how we can resolve this issue has been discussed by the Government. The Government's talks with the Center are some secret discussions that the people need not know.

Arulananda Nagar, 23-Feb-2012 <= (3 x 3 hr cuts) + 45 minutes

Today evinces the abysmal, and shameful worsened state of power. I have lost all faith that Indians are capable of governing themselves. Getting rid of what "politicians" we have at the moment will cost us a lot and in such a delicate global instability, we cannot risk a revolution, for that will completely propel our economy out of control.

It is now that we are truly between the devil and the deep blue sea. Stay safe if you face the 01:30 cut tonight, because that is the unsafe hour. If you haven't already hired a good watchman for the reason, please do so. The police will come only after they wake up, which too cannot be predicted.

What protection do we get if we have no lights at critical times like 2:30am - 3:30am or 4:30am, as that is time which was once exploited by such dacoits who robbed middle class families. Where are the police patrols? Where is our protection? What responsibility do they show towards serving the people of the Nation?

Ashamed to be an Indian.