Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thanjavur Power Cuts: 17-Feb-2012

Here's the daily digest of power cuts in Thanjavur on 17-Feb-2012.
(Arulananda Nagar) 17-02-2012 / EB Load shedding Power cuts
We may not be able to stop all the power cuts immediately, but forecasting, we can do.

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The data collected so far reveals that timings are being rotated across different parts of town, but the strategy of power cuts and the duration for a day have not yet been fixed.

 The only confirmed number so far is that the power cut duration during any day shall not be lesser than 8 hours. Power cuts in the dark have been considered a security hazard and are being given as 45minute or 30minute cuts.

"liberate tu ex tenebris secet" (not Anonymous)
Date Day Cut Restored Duration Percent of Day Number
17-02-2012 Fri 09:00 12:05 03:05 12.86% 1
17-02-2012 Fri 15:00 18:00 03:00 12.51% 2
17-02-2012 Fri 18:46 19:30 00:44 3.06% 3
17-02-2012 Fri 21:45 22:15 00:30 2.08% 4
17-02-2012 Fri 23:15 23:59 00:44 3.13% 5


(Cut) 08:03 66.39%

(Power Up) 15:56 33.54%

As the timings are being shifted across town, the areas have to be accurately mapped and the method of rotation, needs to be determined to arrive at a forecast. Collecting data over one more week will ensure that the segments or regions of town can be accurately determined.