Sunday, 30 December 2007

Well Begun

Of course, after spending quite some time on Friday over the logical approach of a puzzle we were trying to crack, a bit of retrospect and lateral thinking brought us to a solution. It does have side effects, but was consistent and stable with respect to the problem we were trying to solve.
That made a good start to the weekend in general. Friday night was spent watching Television. The whole of Saturday did not turn out to be much too different.

I did watch a good movie, "Bug" which is on quite a difficult subject. The movie was given a "Horror-Movie" tag, while it really is more of a drama with a message that is slightly horrific. It deals with group psychosis, a strange thing that is usually not witnessed with such dramatic outlet as shown in the film. Ashley Judd has again proved herself in the movie in her role.

Further, I am working to find out what is really lacking for an opensource developer while creating embedded application development platforms (the entire Operating System underneath including a kernel, bootloader with the core utilities for a system.) There seems to be a considerable gap being addressed by very few projects like "emdebian" and "openembedded." It would be a good time to give these projects some competition.