Sunday, 9 December 2007

Saturday Lazed out

This Saturday wasn't too different from the many I've spent in the past weeks. I did very little "useful" work. I was watching some movies, playing games, randomly reading kuro5hin, slashdot. I had skipped plans of visiting on the last day out of partial disinterest. It is bad, I should've gone for a friend's talk at least, but heck what I never made to within 9 km of IISc Bangalore. My chauffer's not in town and with my direction senses I wouldn't take the right diversions (to a straightforward route.) I simply didn't get down to doing it and instead cocooned myself at home.

I was hoping to write an arm related code commentary that went out of the window thanks to movie watching. Then I did some PC maintenance and updated it for vulnerabilities. That should be the only useful thing that went on the whole day. I just lived on chocolates. No noodles, nothing else. (Bad Idea, this too.) Hopefully Sunday would be better as it has been from last week with more personal productivity.