Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Weekend that wasn't so gloomy

This weekend, I have been following up with everything that I've been doing over the week in my spare time. I decided to do some real coding and come up with something creative that I could probably deploy even at work. The result is something quite nice where I've pieced together the initial ingredients for what should become a useful toolbox for embedded system/user-space applications. Part of my drive was to create a usable replacement for busybox which almost stands out as the single swiss-army-knife that embedded linux deployments use.

At this stage I haven't started a project page and involved more people, but through the next week that should be possible.

I was also tweaking the iwp3945 drivers as I had quite some trouble getting my custom kernel working on my laptop with wireless access enabled. Pairing with the AP wasn't ever happening. While all this was on, I needed to move a heavy table near my desktops and pulled a muscle and probably tore a ligament in my back. I took some rest finally and feeling much better am just trying to cruise on with the code after reading some interesting articles on anthropology.

It seems that the product I've been working on at office would finally hit the road after one last weekend of stress testing. I haven't heard someone screaming for help which means there is a stable set of system software that should be able to take it without surprises.

On Saturday, I met up with a friend after quite a while having some time to have a long conversation with both of us not too busy. I did experience the horrific traffic on MG Road in Bangalore in an Auto (Driving my Car was out of the question.) This being a Saturday, it was probably amplified thanks to the inching work on the Bangalore metro project.