Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A Good Christmas!

This Christmas, I chose to have a full holiday from Saturday all the way till Tuesday making it a really long weekend. Mom and Dad visited as planned, and we had a good time together. Bangalore, it seems wasn't as cold as Thanjavur at least for these days as a tropical cyclonic formation had rained cats and dogs there making it much colder. The temperature though with lesser humidity did make me feel quite cold.

Christmas was warm and we had food from a good friend. We all watched more than a fair share of Television as moving around Bangalore wasn't really the in-thing to do. On Christmas day we went over to St.Mark's for the service. It was unusually crowded and we were lucky to get seats in the second row to the left. I did enjoy the service, though earlier I was quite lazy to actually leave for church having coded for my pet-project till late night on christmas eve..

A good friend called and wished me and parents. Many relatives got in touch to wish us all a merry Christmas. Mom had brought two cakes made by a friend and that was really nice. I also had a longish phone conversation with my niece, and also wished my Sis and family. They had braved the Delhi cold for the watch-night service which ended shortly after midnight.

Today, Mom and Dad left for home, which due to bad roads and construction work on the way, took almost 10 hours. They left about 7:20am and reached about 5:15pm which was almost the same time they had taken on their trip to Bangalore. The only other person celebrating Christmas at office (people from Goa having returned to their homes) was Natarajan, D-Link's new Marketing head. My Boss was excited about a movie named "Welcome" and was encouraging us all to watch it.

Indeed, it was truly a merry Christmas! I loved it. It helps me prepare myself for my new-year resolutions which would hold quite strong this 2008, as my ever increasing commitment to new-year resolutions is at an all-time high.