Thursday, 6 December 2007

Today, I spent time actually listening to people on Free/Libre Open Source Software (FOSS/FLOSS) at the Conference. It was a nice experience listening to many of the speakers. I enjoyed Rusty's talk more than anything else. The event had some strange things. The sponsors (including IBM, Sun, Google, ABB, GMI/Trolltech, Redhat and others) were seriously headhunting.

The organisation (of the event) had its share of technical snags. The one thing that did function right was WiFi access to all the delegates. The rest was a bit shabby but better than all the earlier events. I also got to meet a few old friends and acquaintances. In some ways my hacker (MIT sense of the word, wanting to write code that adds features/solve problems in a cool way) side was ignited.

It was also different from a normal day at work which also added up. I am feeling a bit bad that I wouldn't be attending a "want to be there" talk tomorrow by Harald Welte. But hopefully that should be doing something nice at work.