Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unpredictable Wind Power: No help to Power Cuts

The daily power-cut status changed as Wind Power changed the schedules for one day. Wind power showed how undependable it is, as two days of wind, and then a lull starved the grid almost immediately.

Sun 4 Mar 2012 - Sat 10 Mar 2012 (Thanjavur, TN, India)
Wind power in this part of the Indian peninsula has been undependable. Even monsoon winds have not been predicted with sufficient accuracy, hence usage of wind during non-monsoonal periods for energy would be the last possible resort and subject to randomness as we have not yet modeled it.

The above graph clearly shows (1) Sunday, (2) Monday, (3) Tuesday and Wind power taking load on (4) Wednesday, (5) Thursday and (6) Friday [though it failed on Friday to provide power as expected.] returning (7) Saturday to the original schedule.

Clearly the regularity of fuel input for a Nuclear Power Plant is much less, and any inspection is usually mandatory only after a 12 month run. The scheduled stop can be during a monsoon or heavy wind and Hydel output to ensure that power consumption is not badly affected. 

The above table clearly highlights what wind power helped at achieving, while at the same time rendering the timing of power cuts unpredictable for those days. Subsequently when the actual power-cut timings resumed, there has been confusion that is also evident. Ideally, the fewer gray bars, the better - and no gray bars are the best situation (no power cuts.)