Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sachin "Ton"dulkar - How long did it take the Little Master?

Sachin Tendulkar enjoying the Bliss of a Century of Centuries
Sachin Tendulkar has always tried to keep out of the record books, but his genius has always dictated otherwise. While everyone has been cribbing that this was too long drawn - Mar 12, 2011 and now Mar 16, 2011 for the 100th Century ever in International Cricket - These statistics are astronomical - no Human has even got close enough.

The image of Sachin here is from the "Sydney Morning Herald" dated 17-March-2011 and  has been 'touched' by an iPad.

The above is a Google mash-up. We don't complete our data visualizations here, let's take a look at where he actually scored these centuries! For those who've been crying sour over his achievement, that it took "decades", consistency, commitment, spirit, battling a tennis-elbow among other injuries, the man has just shown what "human" can be. It is up to us to imbibe the spirit with which he achieved all over the world, the feat he has.

He is still hungry for matches, hungry to play and all the skeptics can bray and bray, but the Little Master will keep making the day.

This doesn't make you guess too much - it's just the cricket crazy nations with one strange exception 'Namibia' in what was a match of singular nature.

This is also a demonstration of Google's data analytic "Fusion Tables" tool which you should try out if you have not already.