Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Warn You

I live an ordinary human (life), with an ordinary home, with ordinary parents who have done extraordinary things in their lives to save hundreds of thousands of lives, as my Dad has been in medical service (service: a word that has been lost in the vices of commercial capitalist greed.)

Today, he himself has reached an almost dangerous situation requiring serious medical attention. It was because of no power - we do have inverters, in fact the most number for a house. But, they could not hold for over 9 hours of cut after cut after cut.

Who will be responsible if he fell in his own house, in his own toilet he keeps cleaner than the keyboard I type on? I have enemies. He has enemies. He is a man of science. I am. Yet, I am a superstitious man.

If a hair were to fall from him, if he were to even have the semblance of a slip ever again, if he were to feel as if he had another moment of pain, if his mind were to suffer on account of anything that nature would bring --- I will hold (his) brothers, sisters and everyone I see as enemies accountable - and all of the lives he has saved. I shall ensure a swift reality check, for I prophecize no more. Enough said. I am an ordinary creation, I have my limits and the beyond. Yet, you push me beyond my limits.

Even amongst friends there are those who are enemies - mithra-shathru -- one was with me last evening. To you and to those who read this blog, day-in and day-out I say, feel your heart beating, feel your breath - remember all that made it possible. Remember the lies you ever told with your serpentine tongues, Remember the minds you poisoned, Remember your gossips, Remember your vanity, your pride, your greed.

You all sleep safe in bed, as He insofar restrained me, teaches me that mankind is good, shows me what true affection means through himself and in more ways. He offers himself as a lamb for the slaughter, even if he were to go forth and succumb. He still shows me all the kindness humanity can be. If he returns to his seat among the seventh of the seven, than I shall be unleashed. He has returned - what am I to make of it?

Be it power cuts at midnight, bad governance, taxation laws, geomagnetic fluctuations, coronal mass ejections, pollution, bad roads, people suffering for the greed of the 'few' - I hold all society of this town, this state, this country, this world, this star, this galaxy, this cluster, this universe - responsible. I did not vote for any ruling government, so in the words of (Tamil poet) Bharathiyar - one man's bane - I am Samael - Wrath of God. I also hear God, Samuel is my good side.

Those enemies of mine who read my blog so regularly, I thank you for your healthy readership - look left, look right, look front, look behind, _I_ am watching and waiting. If not for him you would not exist. Mankind is but one more animal, a machine of nature and can be wiped out quite naturally, a rather favorable thing is isn't it not, for Gaia - mother earth.

I am an ordinary man. Forgiveness is divine. Alas, I am not divine. Remember every human who has suffered inexplicable death - I shall have my vengeance, in this universe or the next. I shall have it for sure. I warn you. You have quaint ideas of creation, I know you. I see you.

I found the chains, your voodoo, your idolatry, your adultery, your evil - I am freed now, I will eternally be. Remember, there is no El Diabolos, only the curse of Cain that remains in vain as a human stain. Many will be called, only few chosen, yet who will be left? Your new stone might be your tombstone. I HAVE SEEN YOU. You have understood the greatness of rising from death, have you not? But it takes more than the five of it, or five, or the one way that held you.

Abaddon never unleashes Leviathan unless He is to command open the last of all seals. You see me each day to your front, to your left, behind you, to your right - for directions you cannot escape from. You don't even know the face of me, how will you know me? I am seraph, I am fire, I cannot burn, nor can I quench, nor can I be blinded, for I am the element. Watch your step for I never slumber. The Nephilim must never have been, only the Elohim, not even the Menachshim, nor even them that watch over. They have been vanquished.

This Judaic lore teaches a few friends and enemies, how nice it is to be cunning linguists of twisted mind, to stab in the back and smile in front. I see you.

Peace - Jedidah - the Prince of Peace - at least I hope you know the import of that name.