Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mechanix - Bikes

Here's how you assemble the first bike using the Mechanix set. This is for a special kid to check it out and work it.
Step 1: Create the main chassis, this is probably easiest.

 Step 2: The Front Wheel Fork Assembbly

 Step 3: The Rear Wheel assembly is also similarly affixed.

 Step 4: Add the Seat assembly - It is not time to worry about balance which might be a tough thing.
 Step 5: Fixing the Handle-bar.

 Step 6: Affix the balance rods for the rear, this is more of style than function

Step 7: The Wheels are not too easy to add. As soon as you are finished, it is best to create a solution to keep it balanced. 

At the end you have something that's a bike. The reason I write this is because the Toy maker forgot that a bike needs to be balanced. This felt tougher than the big Meccano sets I'd love to have.