Sunday, 20 May 2012

Social Networks and Tabbed Browsing

All of us browse the net using browsers which support multiple tabs for our convenience if not the Operating System's at the very least. Microsoft who tried to disagree finally was forced to provide a feature that was definitely something that was required - I hope know one patents that!

At this point the same social networks Google Plus, Google Mail [another chat client], Facebook, Orkut all have an in-browser chat client that pops up. To make matters worse, you can add Skype's website too without the standalone client and try out their pop-up. Need I tell you that there's tons more you can get to which have their own chat environment that keeps popping up!

Promoters of all the above products have forgotten what a user can/cannot do when all these simultaneous windows go up with people chatting - especially with a different number of people just saying hi on all of the tabs.

Open one more Google+ or Facebook tab, the problem gets more complicated. This is well known. The creators of these social networks use each others networks to gauge competition if not connect. Why then has this set of issues not yet been fixed?

None of these can co-exist, nor can 1,2,3 coexist at any point.
  1. Multiple Tabs with Different Social Networks and Popup chat enabled
  2. Multiple Tabs with the same Social Network and Popup chat enabled
  3. Third Party website with multiple Social Network chat enabled through a client in Multiple Tabs
Lack of cooperating with your competition to deliver your customer the best in class result is one thing. But not adding a feature that is superfluous enough not to disturb the user by "default" (yes: default) and not switching it on whenever the multiple tab situation is present is just plain customer agnostic bitchy networks. No wonder GM pulled out ads and who knows who else pulled out their ad campaigns which were obviously not properly targeting.

Wait, when was the last time I clicked through to a useful thing in a social network advertisement? I've never done it in that. -- That should speak volumes about "sponsored/highlighted updates" et al. I am not nitpicking at one social network, but "the social network" coz everyone else ends up copying them - however intuitive the copying might be.