Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dawn at Parisutham Valley

You should actually refer to this as me waking up early, having my usual  black coffee and then figuring out that the WiFi was out, either someone was charging something, or it was out, that was immaterial - but now it

Today, there are two options, participate in the 'exciting' flag hunt or take off to take a look at the resort that someone has come up with nearby who's whereabouts don't seem exactly known. Insofar it has been decided that 'Senthil' (Jack of Clubs) drive them over, while I find a reason to stay back.

Sunrise should be happening as I write this, or should have happened already, but the dawn, not yet visible out here in the hill. The valley must be beautiful now, so I'm off to grab a few stock photographs. I should be back after this.

Dinesh has a bruise under his eye, swelling up quite visibly, and at least I am not carrying shades - being a spectacled phenomenon on my own.