Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Origins of Freemasonry

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Freemasonry has often been speculated to be devil worship and has been subject to the gossip of society. However, the truth is the Freemasons strongly believe that the brotherhood of men is not as easily formed as it can be broken. Their aim is to preserve mankind as a civilization through all kinds of turmoil and disaster - political, natural, religious, social - and restore a system of morals.

It is noteworthy that Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington - have all been Freemasons. Their have been great attempts to discredit the Freemasons, for most who are part of the brotherhood, do not know any of the greater secrets that are vested in them.

Yet, it is not true that the Freemasons harbor anything against the Church itself. The Vatican itself relies on an order, that remains secret, the Knights of Malta to protect itself from intrusion, and to prevent secret knowledge from being stolen.

The strongest arguments against freemasonry rests on the simple premise that a 'secret' is something to be hidden from society itself. As much as individuals exercise privacy, all clubs, companies and organizations have secrets.

As for the question of religion, Freemasonry preserves itself by presenting itself as Religion Agnostic. It is not the only secret order, nor was the only order available after the Templars. The Order of the Cross and the Crescent too, probably existed long before the Templars.

The above timeline is to give those interested in knowing Masonic history a few key dates and events that are closely associated with Freemasonry. The Deluge, being a  very important part has been given due importance. The Father of Syncretism, Akhenaten is not mentioned to avoid close linkage with the roots of Syncretist - particularly Christian-like religion.