Monday, 9 January 2012

Books to Read on "Software Project Management"

Books and Media to read for Project Management

A list of books with a tentative plan for reading them. The reading time is relative to my reading speed, it might vary for you.
NameAuthorISBNLinkDescriptionReading Time
"Microsoft Secrets"Michael Cusamano0684855313NILMicrosoft's Project Management Practices, they are quite strong and usable. The fundamental principles can be caught in a quick read2 days
"Software Engineering in Practice"Pankaj Jalote0201737213NILA book that tries to home in only on the Software Engineering aspects of Project Management. Does not contain the newest research by Michael Boehm1 day
"The Design of Design"Fred Essay on Project Management.1 hr
"Software Engineering - A Practitioner's Approach"Roger S Pressman0072853182NILThe Best book on "Software Project Management" until the 6th edition7 days
"CMM in Practice"Pankaj Jalote0201616262NILThis is an exclusive Project Management book that covers the CMM standard (and not the new PM-CMM). The newer edition has a description of Infosys' processes4 days
"Walk the Talk" (NDTV)featuring InfosysNILWalk The Tech TalkShows their project management work1.5 hrs
"The Mythical Man Month"Fred BrooksNIL0201835959The last revised edition has a "No Silver Bullet" essay. These are essentially criticisms on project management and are meant to be read after a book on project management is read.3 days
"I Sing the Body Electronic"Fred Moody0140176551a9/amazonLearning how to turn around a disaster, enCarta!2 days
"Project Management" for geeksAnonymousNILwikipediaFor the impatient and jumpy souls, this is what you should be reading.3 uSecs on 3GHz HTs
"Quality Software Project Management"Several81-7808-767-7NILFor the most comprehensive book on the subject.15 days