Saturday, 23 February 2008

Training, Fun and Work!

This week was much less on work load. We had a nice training session by Dexter Valles. His way of showing how we could improve our managerial skills was interesting. We did a few psychometric exercises to understand ourselves. We had a few activities which, irrespective of the results, reflected our current style of doing things. Our scotoma in being more task-oriented than goal or vision oriented showed up. We used the opportunity to learn new ways to rid ourselves of this scotoma. The entire training session setup for a period of 2 days was fun filled and also gave us the opportunity to meet managerial teammates across D-Link.

We had initiated at work a more spirited fun-filled exercise of requesting everyone to decorate their cubes with a theme that was across an entire team. This too was well done. The Video team guys came up with a D-Link in 2020 theme, while we EmSys chaps came up with "Hardware/EmSys going Green" which was more about the company's own mantra. Ours was a more permanent setup that did not disturb our workplace and looked less like decor. We liked it. There were other interesting themes about which were checked out by our CEO Mr.Jangoo Dalal.

Friday, was a time for birthday celebrations and fun of all sorts. We organised an ethnic wear competition and followed it up with a collage game. There were special snacks served for the day (which is not done as usual at this office.) Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and we made sure that the fence-sitters were also sufficiently entertained. The first steps of making work more fun was initiated with this.