Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sports Car Digital Dashboards

If you think that sports cars have simplistic dashboards and roaring engines, a Ferrari F50 can prove you wrong.

Here's a picture to ponder for those who work on Instrument Clusters and Digital Dashboards.

If you wish to see more, there's a video of a showdown of two F50s, which shows this in use.

The F50 was originally a made-to-order product first commissioned for the Sultan of Brunei at $750,000. There are new editions with a fully digital TFT version of this cluster, where - if you notice the speedometer, you will believe that this is a hybrid cluster - now that's making user experience awesome. The user shouldn't have to worry about the technology, but their experience of interacting with the automobile, (a reason I'll always love KITT from the original Knight Rider.)

Tune to 3:30 on this video and you can take a look at the Digital Cluster. Yet, I'd recommend take a look at the entire car's performance, especially the ability to take sharper turns, tyre grip and finally the sheer horse-power.