Saturday, 1 December 2012

Discrimination in India, by every name ...

I had just gone to fill a few forms in my company as part of a document audit. I was surprised at the kind of information which was found.

Each form requires one to provide
  1. Proof that they were Born to Parents of social standing.
  2. The Birth Certificate usually is sufficient for this.
  3. Next comes the "community certificate" - at this stage each human belongs to their family with their aspirations to a good future. Furthermore in religious "tolerant" India, they would like to know "Religion" in detail. These definitions are perhaps the first among many mistakes in an extremely connected world. These are the social acceptance criteria laid out for us.

Further, walk into a free forum and find people gravitating, not by interest, but by their lingua. A subconsciously induced interest to limit our interaction with only those whom we are already familiar with.

Our Educational Institutions have a strange coupling with religion. There is not much choice. There are Roman Catholic Institutions, Protestant Institutions, Hinduism (the Umbrella Term) with further detail. On this basis the reservation system which is not too far from a classification system used akin to Nazi number code by which the identity, race, birth-year and all can be traced back. The SS was one step closer to having implants as a 'Big-Brother control' solution everywhere.

If you do not conform with their ideas of thought, you shall be evicted or ostracized from the system under some pretext. Justice has always been used with partiality - despite checks to the contrary.

Here's our Report Card

Core Influence                                               Stage/Big Brother, Control Driven Politics
Religion                                                         Stamped before comprehension is complete
Tolerant and Violent India                             They are Tolerant to what is not nationalistic 
Focii of Control                                             Control choices of tomorrow

One might think that the problem designer seems to have coded a bounded solution to the evolution of all life on earth, which would seem to many as digression

If heritage is a strong influence, that selects one's right career vector and roles, then correcting the present would require a complete dissociation to hierarchical systems. Thereby, any school/college will have to be an individual system tailored to each person.

The only place where this can be done is where there are enough teachers per group of students.  This Teacher/Student ratio, contrary to popular belief, can be maintained in high populations and the old Indian Gurukul system can be restored to teach what is relevant rather than otherwise. This too might allow continuance of the same discriminatory system for longer than imagined.

Issues like Corruption are discrimination vectors in society that have arisen due to similar factors where those who are corrupt initially believe that it is a sudden right they have acquired to correct all that they were wronged in. This initial phenomenon is followed by a cascade where everyone in the system ends up corrupt. The corrupt become a strong class in bureaucracy who influence decisions. If one against corruption arrives and attempts to leash this stance, the hostility of the system will be evident.

Despite being the largest democracy in the world, almost everything is veiled behind discrimination. Capitalism introduces capital or money as a platform for furthering the discrimination above the deep-rooted elements. In the end we seem to caught up in an inertial system where we cannot get anything right.