Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Cracker Hackdown

For all pun intended, we, the privileged members of the hacking (programming, improvising and resolving tech issues in a constructive way) should teach press to avoid misuse of the word hack in all forms of media.

If you want to become a black-hat or a cracker, you should try visiting "astalavista[dot]com" for  a set of basic tutorials. You should understand that these tutorials teach you how systems are secure and therefore their vulnerabilities. Exploiting the vulnerability for nefarious purposes including Denial-of-Service attacks (DoS) or database stealth of sensitive, private user information is against all principles of professional ethics. They will obviously be considered breach of law in every country which has now incorporated laws to govern transactions and activities possible on computing terminals, the internet and on electronically stored data.

You can be good at computing, software and be termed a hacker for being able to innovate and create code wherever necessary in short notice. To do this:
  1. You need to understand the basics behind the mathematical theoretical basis
  2. You need to understand Operating System Architecture, System Software
  3. Algorithms on Security - especially hashing, Cryptography need to be well understood
  4. Know the weakest link in security, for that is how any network or computer system is attacked.

Those who work towards understanding or using their knowledge of the above is deemed a true "hacker" in the MIT sense of the word. A hacker can identify exploits  or design flaws or use the design to build software or tools that ultimately are beneficial. The developers of the Linux kernel ( visit: ) are referred to as "kernel hackers."

It is usually enthusiasts in Computers, and therefore Hackers, who crack the whip on crackers who infiltrate computer systems and networks for nefarious purposes. A good example would be the dissection and reverse engineering of the 'Duqu' worm which posed a security threat. Therefore let us drive the crackers out, and let the Hackers [enthusiasts ref: #2.b] work toward building things better and understanding equipment still better.